Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Headbands and clips for bows

When an order for bows is placed, I need to know what type of clip or what color and size of headband you would like to use. All headbands will have ribbon added to them so that bows can be interchangeable. Headbands are all $2.00 a piece. If you would like to order headbands separately, just let me know!!

These clips are all included in the price of the bow. The most popular are the top two and the alligator clip with teeth. 
I currently have 14 colors of 1.5" embroidered head bands (pink, bubblegum, hot pink, red, orange, yellow, lime, green, sky blue turquoise, blue, purple, white, tan and chocolate). Again, ribbon will be added to the headband at the time of the order so that bows can be interchangeable unless you specifically request for the ribbon to not be added.

I currently only have 4 colors of the 1" embroidered headbands (pink, bubblegum, hot pink and red).

This is what the headbands look like once they have been wrapped with ribbon.

Cowboy diaper cake...CUTE!! :)

I made this diaper cake for a really good friend who had a cowboy theme to her little boy's bedroom. It is simple, but so adorable!! The rope was tied into square knots, which added so much to the look of the cake!

Zebra and hot pink diaper cake with bow

I love this diaper cake design!! It is super chic and the bow on top is removable so that it can be used for the new baby girl once she is born!! I will be posting a matching pacifier clip that can be added soon as well!!

Other styles of bows

Here are examples of other types of bows that I make!

This is a "Cheer Bow". These are great for older girls that tend to have more hair than infants (well at least my infant doesn't have much hair :) They are super cute with pony tails or with hair partially
 pulled up.

This next bow is what I call a "Button Bow". It is a newer style that I am trying out! Other accessories can be placed in the middle of the bow other than a rhinestone such as an actual button or a craft button!

These can of course be made in any color that you would like!

Corkscrew bows!!

Corkscrew bows are fun and different than every other bow you see in stores. You can order just the corkscrew bow itself or you can add flower petals and a rhinestone to the bow. Just like all of my other bows, you can order these in any color combination you would like, or if you would like I can come up with a combination for you!

Firework corkscrews!

Pink, green and white corkscrew with matching petals

Black, white and various pinks with matching petals
and a clear rhinestone on top

I had to add pictures of my little girl! This is one of her 6 month pictures that we had made!

This was taken at a friend's little girl's birthday party.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Boutique Style Bows

These are all examples of boutique style bows. Prices for bows can be found in the first post. Bows can be customized to match outfits. Simply email me a picture of the outfit and I will find ribbon to match! When ordering bows, you can also chose what type of clasp you would prefer on the back.

Large camo and hot pink double stacked bow ($5.50)

Large hot pink and blue polka dot double stacked bow ($5.50)

Two single medium bows ($4.50)

Small giraffe and sheer brown double stacked bow ($4.00)

Small double stacked yellow bows ($4.00)

Diaper cakes

Here are a couple of diaper cakes that were made in 2009, both with items from the baby registries. Now I use boutique styled bows instead of simple tied bows.

The first cake featured is a pirate themed diaper cake. Included are baby wash cloths, "The Hungry Caterpillar" rattle, Arm & Hammer diaper disposal bags, Johnson & Johnson Baby Beginner Kit, nose aspirator and medicine dropper.

The second cake featured was for a baby whose room was brown, sage and pink. Included in this cake are baby spoons, a bottle with handles, newborn onsies, newborn socks, baby keys, and a Johnson and Johnson Baby Beginner Kit.