Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Felt flowers are here!!

I have officially gotten back in the creative mood...and am really enjoying myself!! The problem is, the more fun I have, the less sleep I get!! I tend to stay up a bit to late when I get going on new projects!! Last night I started making felt flowers. I think they are too cute and really seem to be really popular right now for girls of all ages! Here is what I have so far (more to come soon!!):

 Black and gray bloom $6.00

 Brown and gray $7.50

 Pink and white peony $7.50

 Red and white - Happy Valentines Day! $6.00

 Set of three flowers on a headband $10.00

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Monday, January 17, 2011

It's been a long time!!

Well I am back!! After doing 100+ bows for a launch party and 23 bows for a cheer squad all in about three weeks, while working full time and being a mom...I was worn out!! I have posted over 30 bows on the facebook page along with their prices. I am posting a few of them here. I am about to begin a new endeavor as well!! I am going to begin making rosettes and felt flowers. As soon as some are made I will post them!

 White lilies $5.00

Brown, white, green and red $5.00 each $9.00 for pair

 Large multicolored $6.00

 Yellow and white double stacked $4.50 each or $8.00 for pair

 Pacifier clip and matching double bow $6.50

 Pacifier clip and matching single bow $6.00

X-Large navy and "Go Team" ribbon $7.00

 Medium four layered bow $6.25

Triple layer pink and white medium bow $5.25

Large four layer multicolor without embellishment $6.75

 White and pink korker with petals $7.50