Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's been a while!!

I have a new found respect for bloggers!! I cannot seem to keep up with updating this thing!! Between being a Mommy and wife, working full time, designing new items and filling orders...I am exhausted by the end of the day!! If you want to follow me closer, I do update my facebook page MUCH more often :) ( I also now have an Etsy page!! (

I have added new Tooth Fairy pillows to my line!! The mouth on all of the pillows function as the pocket for the tooth/money. Here are the new kids in town!! :)

 Here I come to save your tooth!!! Superhero pillow $16.00

Super cute skull pillow $16.00

Princess Tooth Fairy pillow $16.00. Complete with a tutu and crown!

Whooo do you know that would love an owl pillow? $16.00

Frog catching a tooth fly!! $16.00

 A doggone cute dog pillow!! $16.00

All of these pillows can be found and ordered on my Etsy and facebook pages!! If you have any ideas for a pillow, let me know!! I would love to hear your thoughts!!